Post Code Wars

There has always been conflict between two different areas, between countries, between region in countries.But it seems that over the generations it has broken down to even smaller areas with young people fighting with each other just because they come from two different postcodes.

Young actors from Hackney addressed the issue in a play called " The Road " set in a post apocalyptic dystopia. A panel included Ian Levy, who set up the Robert Levy Foundation in memory of his 16 year old son who was murdered in Hackney in 2004. It aims to engage young people in positive activities and help create a better image of the borough.

During the debate a young audience member offered an enlightened if naive solution " why don't we just abolish the post codes ". If only it was that simple.

Pete Postlethwaite RIP

Actor Pete Postlethwaite was once memorably and affectionately described as having a face like a clenched fist. According to Stephen Spielberg "probably the best actor in the world today ". I was fortunate enough to photograph Pete on a commission for Channel 4 Television/Lupus Films. He was recording the voice over for an animation of Oscar Wilde stories for children in a West London Recording Studio and i would have 15 minutes with him in a small office next door.

Pete ran through the gamut of his characters expressions from surprised to bemused via mock indignation and mild fury.