Outdoor Classroom Day

Fun shoot for Outdoor Classroom Day in May.

When teachers take learning outdoors they report some powerful impacts: Children’s behaviour improves, whole classes are excited to learn, and individuals who feel inhibited by the curriculum often thrive in an outdoor environment.  When adults think back to their own happiest memories of childhood, they frequently recall the joy of playing outdoors. Play is not only central to children’s enjoyment of childhood, but teaches critical life skills such as problem-solvingteamwork and creativity.   


The London Aquatics Centre, Zaha Hadid's architectural jewel in the crown of the London 2012 Olympics has reopened.  The ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) invited Triple Olympian Swimmer, Ross Davenport to coach local school children as part of their Make a Splash initiative. " These are absolutely fantastic – some of the best imagery I have seen at all the events I’ve been to " Jodie LeResche, ASA

Sir Alex Ferguson, Autobiography

" Photographer Sean Pollock captured a number of images over a four year period, and has donea fantastic job. His laidback manner and discretion ensured that he got what he wanted without being intrusive in any way " Sir Alex Ferguson, Sept 2013

October 24th saw the launch of Sir Alex Ferguson's Autobiography. I'd been working on the project for around four years when he announced his retirement, calling an abrupt halt to the most successful management career in British football. All that remained was to shoot the cover (below) which was completed in July 2013.

Here are a selection of the twenty five images which feature in the book.